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Webinar Summary: Data Science for Geoscience in Petroleum Industry

Analyzing big data from microseismic data to reservoir characterization and modeling has become an emerging trend in the upstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry.

Join us in our next webinar to know more about data science & how geoscientists tackle these challenges in the oil and gas industry.


On Saturday, May, 28th at 4:00 pm, the RWTH Aachen SPE student Chapter would like to invite you for the Webinar, on the topic: "Data Science For Geoscience In Petroleum Industry" presented by Mahad Nadeem Janjua, MSc.

Zoom meeting:


Meeting ID: 968 8414 9424

Passcode: 133078

About the Speaker:

  • BSc in Earth and Environmental Sciences; minor in Global Economics and Management (graduated 2019 as a member of the President's list). Research for thesis on the topic of petroleum systems modeling; earned the prestigious "Dean's award for best thesis" in the graduating class.

  • MSc in Applied Geophysics from the IDEA League program (TU Delft, ETH Zürich, RWTH Aachen); secured sponsorship by Shell plc. for the duration of the program. Graduated with honors. MSc thesis on the topic of sensitivity analyses for thermal history modeling.

  • Worked at CGG in the UK as a data processing Geophysicist last year post-MSc.

  • Currently working as a Data Scientist at Wintershall Dea as a part of the SPEAD program. Currently involved in multiple major data science projects, including working on the "Data Science at Scale" project focusing on the implementation of data science tools for optimization and automation of standard workflows in various disciplines in the E&P sector.

See you soon

Catch up on the webinar!


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