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Webinar Summary: Data Science for Geoscience in Petroleum Industry Pt. 2

As you have requested for a second part from our last webinar, the waiting is finally over.



On Saturday, June, 11th at 4:00 pm, the RWTH Aachen SPE student Chapter would like to invite you for the Webinar, on the topic:

"Data Science For Geoscience In Petroleum Industry part.2" presented by Mahad Nadeem Janjua, MSc.

Zoom meeting:


Meeting ID: 984 7553 3259

About the Speaker:

  • BSc in Earth and Environmental Sciences; minor in Global Economics and Management (graduated 2019 as a member of the President's list). Research for thesis on the topic of petroleum systems modeling; earned the prestigious "Dean's award for best thesis" in the graduating class.

  • MSc in Applied Geophysics from the IDEA League program (TU Delft, ETH Zürich, RWTH Aachen); secured sponsorship by Shell plc. for the duration of the program. Graduated with honors. MSc thesis on the topic of sensitivity analyses for thermal history modeling.

  • Worked at CGG in the UK as a data processing Geophysicist last year post-MSc.

  • Currently working as a Data Scientist at Wintershall Dea as a part of the SPEAD program. Currently involved in multiple major data science projects, including working on the "Data Science at Scale" project focusing on the implementation of data science tools for optimization and automation of standard workflows in various disciplines in the E&P sector.

Analyzing big data from micro seismic data to reservoir characterization and modeling has become an emerging trend in the upstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry.

See you soon

Do you want to catch up on the webinar? Check out the SUMMARY

Date: June 11, 2022

Location: Online via Zoom

No. of Participants: 20

On June 11, the SPE RWTH Aachen Student Chapter had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Mahad Nadeem Janjua a Data Scientist from Wintershall DEA, the top-tier oil and gas company in Germany, to hold a presentation about “Data Science for Geoscience in Petroleum Industry”. The session was open to the students of Applied Geosciences, Georesources Management, SEG RWTH Aachen Chapter, and other local and international SPE Student Chapters and a maximum of 20 people took part in the event.

Figure 1: Presentation by Mr. Mahad and the attendance of participants (left), followed by material of presentation (right).

He started his presentation by talking about digital transformation in the oil and gas industry. Next, Mr. Mahad discussed the basic concept of Data Science and the implementations especially, to solve the problems in the Petroleum-related industry, for example, the AI-based cognitive search engine to support geoscientists by applying natural language processing method. Mr. Mahad also highlighted on the upskilling process in the company to improve the employers in terms of the data-driven analytics and the sense of the data management.

It will be one of the biggest challenges for companies across the world to keep up with the digital transformation. Wintershall DEA will achieve its goals set by the new sustainability with data-driven decision making, managing data through greater efficiency, and investing in data science for further oil and gas exploration.Figure 2: What the next generation of geoscientists should focus on, in order to develop their competencies in the field of data science.

Abbildung 2: Worauf sich die nächste Generation von Geowissenschaftlern konzentrieren sollte, um ihre Kompetenzen im Bereich der Datenwissenschaft zu entwickeln.

At the end of the presentation, a Q&A session was open where participants had the opportunity to ask questions either through the chat box or directly to Mr. Mahad Nadeem Janjua. The high level of interest in the topic was demonstrated by many questions regarding the advantage and limitations of data science and what are the challenges in the near future. Mahad answered and discussed all questions. Before the event is ended, Mr. Mahad provided a life-wise sharing session related to his role as a data scientist. On behalf of the all students and SPE Student Chapter at RWTH Aachen University, we would like to thank Mr. Mahad for providing the valuable insights into Data Science for Geoscience in Petroleum Industry and we would like to wish him all the best in his career and hope to see him again in our SPE Student Chapter.

Written by Fikri Zain Karim, edited by Ryan Bobby Andika.


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