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Webinar Summary: Insights into the daily work in a planning office for geothermal energy (GTN)

The SPE Student Chapter is proud to present our next event on January 28th (German time).

"Insights into the daily work of a planning office for geothermal energy" by M.Sc. Ingmar Budach

About the speaker and company:

Mr. Budach is a Geophysicist at GTN and wants to share with you his experience about working and planning in an internationally active consulting and planning office. GTN - Geothermie Neubrandenburg GmbH - is an internationally active consulting and planning office of engineers and geologists. Our services cover the entire spectrum of geotechnical and engineering solutions for geothermal energy supply and other innovative energy systems.


Date: January 28, 2021

Location: Online via Zoom

No. of participants: 31

Figure 1: Presentation by Ingmar Budach (top left) and the participants.

As the first WebSeminar of this year, the SPE Student Chapter at RWTH Aachen University had the pleasure to host a presentation by Ingmar Budach. Mr. Budach is a geophysicist at Geothermie Neubrandenburg GmbH (GTN) and shared his experience of working in an internationally active planning office for geothermal energy (Figure 1). The services from GTN cover the entire spectrum of geotechnical and engineering solutions, from geological exploration via the design of deep wells and surface thermal water loops up to the heat and power generation plants according to the corresponding consumer systems.

Mr. Budach started his presentation by introducing the medium-sized GTN company, talking about some key facts like the number of employees or shareholders. Subsequently, he pointed out that there are four core services that GTN offers: Exploration, Drilling, Reservoir engineering, and building up the power & heating plants. Since he is a geophysicist, Mr. Budach focused on the exploration part. To illustrate this, he introduced various GTN projects located both in Germany (in the Molasse Basin, the Upper Rhine Graben, and the North German Basin) and abroad (Fig. 2).

Figure 2: Selected international projects of GTN.

During Q&A, Mr. Budach explained, that GTN is also looking for promising areas for geothermal heat production in North Rhine Westphalia since the consumer potential is quite high, but that the data availability is still challenging there.

He also said that GTN awards master's theses or internships if the applicant’s profiles match GTN’s current R&D projects.

On behalf of all students and the SPE Student Chapter of RWTH Aachen University, we would like to thank Mr. Budach for the valuable insights into the planning office of an international geothermal agency.

In the end Mr. Budach provided some useful links:

E-Mail: Budach, Ingmar <>

Written by Elias Khashfe.


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