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Webinar Summary: Application of Machine Learning in the Energy Industry

Are you eager to learn how machine learning is transforming the energy industry? Join us to know more about this interesting topic!



On Sunday, July, 3rd at 4:00 PM the RWTH Aachen SPE student Chapter would like to invite you for the Webinar, on the topic:

Zoom meeting:


About the Speaker:

Divyanshu Vyas has done his Bachelor's in Petroleum Engineering. He then did his master's in Petroleum Engineering with a minor in AI/ML at IIT ISM and an Executive education at Northwest University and secured an all-India rank of 17. He has 3+ years of experience as a Data analyst, founder, and data scientist of Petroleum from scratch, and currently works as a data scientist at Accenture AI.

See you soon

Couldn't attend the webinar? No worries! Check out the SUMMARY

Date: July 3, 2022

Location: Online via Zoom

No. of Participants: 20

On the 3rd of July 2022, the SPE RWTH Aachen Student Chapter had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Divyanshy Vyas an Energy Data Scientist from Petroleum from Scratch, a start-up and consultant in the field of data science for energy Industry, to hold a presentation about “Application of Machine Learning in the Energy Industry”. The session was open to the students of Applied Geosciences, Georesources Management, SEG RWTH Aachen Chapter, and other local and international SPE Student Chapters and maximum of 20 people took part in the event.

Figure 1: Presentation by Mr. Vyas and the attendance of participants, followed by the material of presentation.

He started his presentation by talking about digital transformation in the oil and gas industry. Next, Mr. Vyas discussed the basic concept of machine learning and its workflow. Mr. Vyas shared a comprehensive review with respect to the machine learning workflow, starting from data collection, data pre-processing, feature engineering, deriving interferences, data visualization, and various kinds of machine learning applications for classification, clustering, and in advance deep learning.

After that Mr. Vyas continued to explain the implementations especially, to solve the problems in the Petroleum-related industry, for example, the applications to predict reservoir properties such as permeability. Mr. Vyas also provided a detailed technical coding session to conduct machine learning methods for error minimization, model training, as well as model evaluation.

Figure 2: A detailed technical coding guidance in performing machine learning technique to predict permeability

At the end of the presentation, a Q&A session was open where participants had the opportunity to ask questions either through the chat box or directly to Mr. Divyanshu Vyas. The high level of interest in the topic was demonstrated by many questions regarding the advantage and limitations of machine learning and what are the challenges in the near future. Vyas answered and discussed all questions. Before the event ended, Mr. Vyas provided a life-wise sharing session related to his pivotal action from petroleum engineering to energy data scientist enthusiast. On behalf of all students and the SPE Student Chapter at RWTH Aachen University, we would like to thank Mr. Vyas for providing valuable insights of the Application of Machine Learning in the Energy Industry and we would like to wish him all the best for his career and hope to see him again in our SPE Student Chapter.

Written by Fikri Zain Karim, edited by Ryan Bobby Andika.


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